The Tenth Doctor: Breakfast at Tyranny’s


 The Tenth Doctor: Breakfast at Tyranny’s hmmm…..Um, there’s a lot happening here. A messed up world, which is probably a messed up reality which is looking like it might be all an illusion? Yeah that sounds like Doctor Who. I’m especially partial to the wraiths which look an awful lot like the hell hounds from the original Ghostbusters.

The Doctor wakes up with no memories. Gabby is a waitress that seems to do no good. Cindy is dating a woman and searching for her lost dog, Noobis.  I wonder how Noobis (from the last story Arc with Sutkeh) feels about being a dog? Questions, questions. The “Department Store” reminds me a little bit of when jack and Rose got stuck in the tv studio near the end of his tenure in the show. I’m gonna guess that bad things happen at the store, and maybe that is why it is there? In the illusion? Because by the end of this issue with the help of Noobis’ psychic link with Cindy, we find out that it is indeed an illusion. This of course makes us want to know why, and what is with all the bodies, oh yeah, and why is the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver coming out of his hand like the creepy Santa’s in Runaway Bride? Ugh…all the questions.

As it stands our three are separated and non of them seem to have their full faculties. It’ll be interesting to see how they get along (they always do) and make things right.  Hopefully in the next issue we’ll learn more about the man who is with The Doctor, I honestly don’t think he’s there accidentally, and we’ll learn more about the copies of Cindy and why there is no butterflies in the illusion.  I’m excited for this new arc and can’t wait to see what comes next.


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