A24 Will Make a Donation to Planned Parenthood in Honor of ’20th Century Women’


It is a scary time to be a woman. With concerns on table of what will happen to basic health care, let alone reproductive concerns, the film 20th Century Women arrives at a very odd time in the United States. The new film focuses on the lives of a handful of women in the 1970’s, and two of the main characters in the film visit the oft maligned Planned Parenthood California.

The writer and director, Mike Mills, wanted to make sure to get everything correct about an office visit in the 1970s. He consulted with Planned Parenthood and got every detail he could about their services at that time. Think it’s an abortion clinic? Guess again. According to the above featurette, 1 in 5 women in the USA go to Planned Parenthood to get proper reproductive medical care, which includes breast exams, screenings for cancer, and acquiring birth control.

According to Mike Mills:

 “The people at Planned Parenthood were so helpful to me with the writing and pre-production of 20th Century Women. They connected me with people who worked in PP offices in the ’70s to make sure every aspect of my scenes was correct, from the language counselors used to the very particular decor and dress of the people in those offices, to the overarching philosophy and attitude of the women who worked there. It was very important to me that we capture this moment in women’s reproductive rights accurately and they were so generous and helpful to me.”

A24, the studio responsible for 20th Century Women, will make a donation for the women (and men) who see the film this weekend. It opens on Friday January, 20th.


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