Doctor Who: The Third Doctor


 Oh The Third Doctor…what is going on? Who is Salamander? He’s a Time Lord? But which one? And why was he in the Tardis? Because not all Tardis’s look like a police box right, so he was in yours.  And tell me your not really trusting the Master? I mean he shrunk a dude ffs…

So The Doctor, Jo, The Brigadier and The Master are all off together, trying to find the man behind the silver things, the alien tech that keeps kicking their butts, and it’s the Second Doctor? But not really cause he’s Salamander..or is he? I’m so confused here. And that’s saying something because usually Doctor Who is only slightly confusing. Anywho…this issue is a continuation of the arc I’ve been reading and it’s good to see that the Doctor is trying to figure out what’s going on but I seriously trust his judgement for allowing the Master to ride along. I guess I’ll just have to sit tight and see, the next issue will explain it all. (If I keep telling myself that, it might come true) Either way, I’m still really excited to see The Third Doctor in comic form, as his episodes are really hard to find.


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