The December 2016 LootCrate Because Revolution Happens


The Revolution December 2016 LootCrate was one with relatively few (but good) items offset by one truly outstanding entry.

The best of the best in this crate, the one that had me jumping up and down happily and crowing “My Precious!” was the Figure Fantasy Book by Daniel Picard. It’s creative, and funny, and something every geek should have on his or her shelf. Seriously–this guy runs around posing action figures and taking pictures of them. He never hesitates to mix his fandoms, so there’s no knowing who will be rubbing shoulders in any given image. Several of the images made me laugh, but so far my favorite is the battle droid jumping in a pile of fall leaves that an industrious Storm Trooper has been raking.

The next item is timely–an Assassins Creed LootCrate Exclusive POP who looks far cuter than any assassin has the right to. Don’t you just want to cuddle him? He coordinates with the box, too, so there’s some extra fun to be had playing with him–and figuring out who I’d pose him with for action figure fun. There are four possible figures, so I suppose it is possible that one or another is not cute and cuddly-looking, but the box doesn’t make it look that way.

Then there is (Squee!) a Firefly Brown Coat patch. You know, just in case you want to join a rebellion that failed years ago but still has some snappy dialog–and great coats.

The T-shirt this month is an fsociety Mr. Robot Shirt which is kind of creepy, which I suppose is the point:

fsociety Mr. Robot Shirt

And last, but not least, is the Assassin’s Creed pin, which is one you might actually want to keep on a lanyard long after you’ve used up the code access:

Assassin's Creed Loot Pin

The December 2016 LootCrate is not, perhaps, the fullest crate ever, but a good, solid entry with some outstanding items of quality–which I’ll take over quantity any time. It’s a reminder of what makes LootCrate so much fun.

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