New Trailer for Cannes’ Favorite ‘My Life as a Zucchini’


My Life as a Zucchini will be the next animated film from GKIDS to hit theaters. It will be screened across America starting on February 24th, featuring the voices of Will Forte, Nick Offerman, Ellen Page, and Amy Sedaris.

This story is meant for both family and adult audiences. It follows 9 year old Zucchini’s life after the sudden death of his mother. He is befriended by a police officer, named Raymond, and taken to live in a foster home with other orphans. With time, Zucchini makes new friends and finds love and trust all around him.

Since premiering at Cannes Film Festival, My Life as a Zucchini has taken home awards at Annecy, Melbourne, and Angouléme in the film festival circuit. It was nominated for Golden Globes and will officially debut in America at Sundance, before becoming available in movie theaters throughout the country.

Other companies to work on this film include RITA Productions, Blue Spirit Productions, Gebeka Films and KNM, in coproduction with the RTS – Radio Télévision Suisse, SRG-SSR, France 3 Cinéma, Rhône Alpes Cinéma and Helium Films.

With such a strong cast and crew, this movie likely warrants a trip to the movies. It’ll be interesting to see how it performs at both Sundance and in the box office over the coming months.


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