Office Cosplay for the Professional Fangirl


Are you a mild-mannered office drone by day and a superhero aficionado by night? Does your Fangirl heart yearn to express itself, but you’re stuck in a business casual world? Is your day job killing you softly? If so, we should meet for happy hour, and also, let’s talk about how you can express yourself a little more creatively at work, through the magic of fandom-inspired outfits.

As most offices frown on wearing full costumes to work, the buzzkills, it’s best to work some subtlety into your nerdy ensembles. Accessories are a great place to start; think a bracelet with the Rebel Alliance symbol, a Mockingjay pin on your blazer, or a maybe a bowtie (since they’re so cool). In addition to letting you wear a piece of your heart on your lapel, it has an added benefit of identifying fellow fans in your office. They will notice, and they will want to talk to you about it.

Okay, I hear you. Subtle nods to your favorite fandom are great and all, but it just isn’t scratching your cosplay itch. If you want to take it to the next level, you can put together a full outfit inspired by your favorite characters with no one outside your fandom catching on. Pulling together the major color schemes and statement accessories while keeping the actual outfit pieces workplace-appropriate is fun, creative, and super sneaky. Who doesn’t like feeling like they’re getting away with something at work? Just remember to keep the overall feel of your office in mind, and you can be a cosplaying professional with your boss being none the wiser.

I’ve put together some outfit inspiration from my favorite fandoms as a jumping off point:

Office Organa:


Office Organa


If you’re willing to commit to a lot of white, everyone’s favorite rebel princess’s signature look can translate to a spring or summer office ensemble. If you don’t have the hair length or the inclination to go full cinnamon roll hair, some round statement earrings can evoke the iconic hair. If you do pull off the buns, though, please send a picture. You’re my new hero.

Amazon in Charge:

Amazon in Charge


With Wonder Woman as your inspiration, you can fight for your rights and your raises. This look is all about the gold accessories, down to the Lasso of Truth purse strap. This color scheme is bold, but Wonder Woman could pull it off, and so can you.

Workplace Wizard:


Workplace Wizard


This is a Hufflepuff inspired look, but you can definitely pull this off with any house. In addition to the house colors, a pair of wand-shaped earrings and a purse that reflect the Hufflepuffs’ inclination toward herbology add extra wizard magic. Some ideas for other houses: a snake bracelet, a clutch purse shaped like a book, or the Sword of Gryffindor as a pendant.

The Doctor is In:


The Doctor is In



Much like Harry Potter, you have a lot of directions you can go for Doctor Who. If you take your inspiration from the Ninth Doctor, a leather blazer would look fantastic. A striped scarf inspired by the Fourth Doctor would give you a good excuse to munch on jelly babies at your desk all day. Just don’t forget a TARDIS-blue purse, because you know your handbag is always bigger on the inside.
This formula of basic color palette inspiration and creative accessorizing can be applied to just about any fandom, and you probably already have quite a few pieces in your wardrobe already that you could repurpose for some subtle workplace cosplay. And any day that you haven’t put together a fandom outfit but you wish you were in costume, don’t worry about it. You’re just Diana Prince that day.

Office Cosplay for the Professional Fangirl
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Office Cosplay for the Professional Fangirl
FangirlNation shows you how to put together a full office cosplay outfit inspired by your favorite characters with no one outside your fandom catching on.
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