Disney Reveals the Title to Star Wars VIII


Star Wars VIII has a title: Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

The galaxy is careless with its Force users, isn’t it? The Sith pretty consistently get whittled down to two in number, though Yoda’s claim that there were always only two has got to be an exaggeration. Assuming that a Sith Lord wants a successor/underling around, s/he’d be a fool to only train one at a time. Accidents do happen. The Jedi have definitely seen better times, but this marks the second time Luke Skywalker has been the Last Jedi. ¬†At least, it pretty much has to be him the title is referring to–Rey is too young and untrained to take that title yet.

Snark aside, it’s hard not to look forward to the next Star Wars film. The Force Awakens left plenty of room for the galaxy far afar away to grow and spread, and I look forward to seeing how things develop. Even if, (sniffle) we have to move forward without Han <em>or</em> Leia.

Star Wars VIII The Last Jedi

Disney Reveals the Title to Star Wars VIII
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Disney Reveals the Title to Star Wars VIII
Speculate on the name and nature of The Last Jedi with us!
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