Eclipse #4: Out of Time


Bax has spent much of his time since the FLARE as an Ice Man, a man who wanders the burned landscape of the world in an insulated and refrigerated suit. It’s his experience as an Ice Man and his uncanny ability to detect danger that has put him in the unique position of protecting the Mayor’s daughter: Rose. So when Rose is assaulted by a man who, for some reason, can withstand the fiery heat of the sun, Bax is faced with an unknown quantity. Despite this, he takes the man head on, determined to bring the man in alive…or dead.

Eclipse #4 brings to a crest the true devastation that our Sun has wrought on the world. It shows you how dangerous exposure to the star is during the day and just how dangerous a person who can withstand it would be. Bax, a sort of anti-hero, is one of the most interesting characters I have read about in some time. He is complicated, willing to take risks, willing to make compromises and determined to discover the truth behind the company that runs the world: Solarity.

Written by Zack Kapplan with art by Giovanni Timpano and Chris Northrop, Issue #4 of Eclipse is available in store and ONLINE now. Pick up a copy and revel in a world where surviving an apocalypse is just the day to day.

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