‘Geekerella’ is a Charming Cinderella Tale


Elle Wittimer practically bleeds the show Starfield. Obsessed thanks to her now late father (and founder of a Starfield convention), Elle has to put her obsession off to take care of her wicked stepmother and two bratty twin stepsisters. Heartbroken and dreaming of a shot to get out of South Carolina, she finds herself horrified that a teenage hearthrob from a popular soap opera has been cast as the main role in the movie adaption of her lifeblood Fandom. Distraught, she writes a blog post that soon goes viral. On set, popular soap star Darien Freeman is losing his mind over the fact that his manager (and father) wants him to keep his Starfield fandom quiet as he takes on his dream role as the lead. Sure he points out that his uniform is the wrong color, but soon he’s swept up in promotion work. He reads an article online about how horrible his casting is and finds himself  horrified. In frustration, he texts what he thinks is the leader of the Starfield Convention he is supposed to attend and accidentally meets Elle via text message. What follows is one of the most charming YA books I’ve read in a long time.

Geekerella doesn’t pretend to anything it isn’t. The book is a Fandom Cinderella story, complete with a ball, two bratty sisters, and a chance to change her world. Elle is smart, funny, and kind. The author, Ashley Poston, even goes so far as to make Elle work in a food truck called The Magic Pumpkin.  It’s nearly impossible not to be charmed by the quiet quirkiness of Darien Freeman, or wince at the cruelty of Elle’s stepmother. I found myself wishing fiction had it’s own child protective services.
Geekerella is uplifting and happy, save for a few moments of parental cruelty. Over all it is definitely a bright spot in some pretty rough time.

Geekerella is available April 4, 2017.


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