Ether #3, aka Boone is in trouble again!


 Ahhh Ether #3 how I love and am amused by you. The story does not get old, poor Boone in way over his head. Glum acting highly annoyed by your mere existence, yet unable to leave your side. And then to add to what is already fantastically written dialog and even better world building. Now we get golems and fairies and living tattoos!

The writer of this comic, it feels like he stepped into my head and pulled out all my favorite things to write about. And while that is a tad odd and worries me, it also makes for a fantastic reading experience. I am hooked, as they say.

In this third issue we continue to follow Boone in the Ether as he tries to track down who killed the Blaze. And he’s hot on the trail, until he’s attacked by a copper golem (golems are cool). So with the certainty that the attack means he’s heading in the right direction, Boone uses the arm that Glum so helpfully ripped off to track the golem to the land of fairies. Yes, fairies!! These fairies are decidedly not the beautiful, ethereal nice fairies, but instead an attitude towards Boone, despite that he he saved them a few years back. He does seem good at that, though there tends to be fallout..weird, right? Not if you know Boone!

So it goes like this: fairies, chase, golem, rip in the dimension and then BAM! Flashback to Boone before went all Ether crazy (my medical term for him). In t we see Boone and his significant other, Hazel. Boone is obsessed. Hazel is worried. Boone is obsessed. Hazel is…crying black tears? Something is not right here. And then, scene! Because hello cliffhanger. And weirdly, I’m not mad. Because I am just so into this story that I don’t mind having to wait to find out exactly how Hazel got out of the Ether. And exactly what she is, because I’m doubting it’s human. Oh well, have to wait till next month!


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