‘The Princess Diarist’ is a Touching Last Hurrah from Carrie Fisher


Carrie Fisher didn’t know she was close to death when her book The Princess Diarist came out a short while ago. The book chronicles the adventures of the actress and author on the set of Star Wars, as well as journal entries from the time period. Full of her sass and frankness, the book gives a shocking reveal that during her time filming she had an affair with a very married Harrison Ford.

The Princess Diarist chronicles a confusing period in Fisher’s life. Whether it’s the documentation of the first time she had too much to drink, her awkward affair with Ford, or her poetry, Fisher presents it all on the table as if she’s giving a farewell confession. It is difficult not to feel tightness in your chest when she discusses her insecurities and the days before her addictions and mental health diagnosis.

My major suggestion for those of you interested in The Princess Diarist is to listen to the audiobook. Carrie Fisher tells the details in her own familiar cadence and sarcastic tone. Her daughter, Billie Lourd, reads directly from Fisher’s Star Wars journals, lending a younger voice to remind readers of the youthful fears of a new actress.

I loved The Princess Diarist and found myself crying when the book was over. We may have lost Carrie Fisher, but her haven’t lost her contributions.

The Princess Diarist is now available from Blue Rider Press.


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