Review: Curse Words #1


Seeing a Skottie Young Variant cover has been my comic book version of a book blurb. Seeing his name or his title will automatically zap  my eyes over to the comic. For his name has become synonymous with catering to my demented and wacky humor.

Just because Skottie Young shone the light doesn’t mean that I would follow the path.  Would the writing skills of Charles Soule, art of Ryan Browne. and the rest of the team behind Curse Words #1  to keep my attention.

A wizard, actually, the Wizord,   lands upon New York City. He meets up with a rat and they begin the inevitable process of magicking the earths destruction. A process that takes quite a few days. Days where the wizard is able to look around and see how much vastly enjoyable this world is compared to the torture and slavery that he came from. So he tosses the spell and begins to be a hero instead.

So this gruffy beard Wizord sets up office in a swanky building and the rat upgrades into a talking koala (#teammargaret) . He becomes a wizard for hire with three rules: “No Cure, No Wars, No Loves.” Other than that, he has no qualms about granting anyone whatever they need. Even if it wasn’t exactly what they planned for.  Then another magical character shows up and literally blows it all apart. This new player ends revealing to the whole world that the Wizord is actually an evil being. Which the readers already knew about but it was still a fun “reveal”to see happening.

For a first issue, so much has been established that I am at a loss at where this comic is heading. Evil turned good to possibly back to evil stance? Or will this evil being become our champion against magical assaults because he has come to love humans? It would be pretty fun to see this Wizord become the evil version of the Doctor, an unnatural character defending the earth. Even if the intentions are not as noble as the time lord, he would still be defending this planet.

I am loving the art by Ryan Browne. The style is clean, no obscure faded styles. The color scheme palate is a great combination of blues and pinks that I am very drawn to. I don’t study art. I only know when it’s pretty and I like it. Even the “disgusting” scenes were pretty. The “graphic” scenes did not cause nausea and just invoked the sense that something gross just happened. My delicate tendencies were not offended. I am curious.After looking at the bare torso of the Wizord for quite a while, I wonder how old he is..

Overall, I really, really enjoyed this comic. It has all of the elements that I look for in a comic: Demented humor in a bright package. Add in talking animals (#teammargaret) and I will most definitely give it a chance. I can tell that the comic is probably gonna get dark and more menacing but if the depicted “gore” and “bloodshed” is like this comic, then I’m pretty set.

It seems that  a lot of people really enjoyed this comic too  as  Image announced a 2nd printing of the first issue. The second printing will come out on February 22. Until then the comic is CURSE WORDS #1 remains available for purchase across all digital platforms, including the Image Comics website (, the official Image Comics iOS app, Comixology’s website (, iOS, Android, and Google Play.

Or even better, call up up you local comic book store and order it. Make up a pull list or add it. This comic has the makings of a fun story. Plus, I want to see more the talking koala. #teammargaret

To get a better idea of the humor behind this creative team. Check out all of the variant covers below.

I am pretty sure the Skottie Young variant (middle one) is peeing on a certain fandom..(which amuses me greatly).


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