Sin du Jour is Back with Idle Ingredients


Before we begin, I advise you to go and read every single book in the Sin du Jour series by Matt Wallace. If you haven’t yet picked up a book in this series and you love quirky, weird, and mythological, you are seriously missing out on a good time. Wallace writes books that are a funny, intriguing, and a fast read.  Now, onto Idle Ingredients.

The staff of Sin du Jour is having a pretty difficult time getting themselves together after their misadventure in Los Angeles and after being attacked by an assassin squad made of holiday figures. Following Pride’s Fall, more than one employee at the catering company has died and been resurrected. Bronko looks to help to rebuild the business and get everyone back on track. This involves the involvement of a strikingly gorgeous new woman and gig organizer. While all the men at Sin du Jour begin following her around and obeying her every whim, the women are ushered into lesser roles and even locked out of areas they’d previously been given free access too. The women know something is up, and begin to uncover the mystery. At the same time, Sin du Jour is expected to cater an event for a group of Elementals, a dangerous group of creatures made of the elements of the earth that created everything. The human politician asking for said catering also has a stunningly magnetic personality and seems to have everyone on his side, for the time being.  The staff at Sin du Jour begins to wonder what exactly these two figures have in common and if their company can survive the next gig.

Idle Ingredients is a strangely fascinating, and yet oddly uncomfortable read. The male politician feels very familiar to a recent election we just went through. Matt Wallace keeps his edge, filling the book with odd interactions and random occurrences, as with all Sin du Jour books. For example, there is an entire part of the book where a team of zombie table bussers and assistants are taken out of commission, because they are bad for business. Picture a zombie cleaning off plates from your table next time you go out to dinner. Even four books in, the Sin du Jour books are as delightful and irreverent as the first.

Idle Ingredients is available from Tor February 7, 2017.


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