Valiant Teases “Tomorrow, The Secret is Out”


Tomorrow, The Secret is Out

Valiant Entertainment has taken to working on film and TV these days. They’ve made no secret of that. Nor are they shy about telling us that Tomorrow, The Secret is Out. What they are being secretive about is what secret is out tomorrow–and, for that matter, when is this tomorrow they speak of?

Here’s what we have so far–the poster, and the information that this is coming in June and that it is written by Eric Heisser (Arrival), Raul Allen and Patricia Martin, both Harvey Award nominees.

Given that this is Valiant, it’s likely to involve superheroes and/or science fiction, but those are meager clues indeed!

What do you think? Is your interest piqued?

Valiant Teases "Tomorrow, The Secret is Out"
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Valiant Teases "Tomorrow, The Secret is Out"
Valiant is teasing us with talk of a new movie in June--Tomorrow, the Secret is Out. We know who's writing it, but what is it?
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