“Cherringham 1-3” Provides a Gentle Mystery Listening Experience


Cherringham Cherringham — A Cozy Crime Series Compilation (Cherringham 1-3) contains the first three of at least 12 cozy mystery novellas set in a town in England written by Matthew Costello and Neil Richards on a monthly basis. The stories feature Sarah, a 30-something native of Cherringham recently returned home after a painful divorce, and Jack, a recently retired NYPD detective who lives on a barge on the river, who team up to investigate crimes.

In “Murder on Thames,” Sarah learns that her high school best friend, who disappeared into the city in search of a fun time, has been discovered drowned in the Thames River. Wanting to understand what happened, Sarah meets Jack as she walks along the river, and his detective instincts kick in, leading the pair to look further into the case.

“Mystery at the Manor” sees the pair investigate the case of a senior man who perished after climbing to his attic while his house was on fire instead of escape. This seems all the stranger because he had been unable to climb the stairs in his house for a long time. With a set of three odious children grasping for his estate, Sarah and Jack rush to find the truth before it can be given to a potential criminal.

In “Murder by Moonlight,” Jack gets talked into joining the Rotary Club’s choir and learns that a member recently died of a severe peanut allergy on her way home from choir practice when her auto-injector did not contain its medicine. Upon looking into the case, Jack realizes that this is nothing short of murder.

The collection is narrated by Neil Dudgeon, who has a soothing voice that well suits the gentle material in the set.

The stories in this collection were enjoyable. Very gentle, they contain no violence or sex or even romance. They would be great for children and are very relaxing. I give this collection five stars.

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