Forbidden Brides by Neil Gaiman


 This is a super long title, so I’m going to go with Forbidden Brides by Neil Gaiman.  So first let me say, I’m a huge fan of Gaiman. I like him as  a person and I love him as an author. I count his books among my favorites, except maybe American Gods cause that was just a slog to get through.  So when I say I loved this, you can trust me. (she said with a glint in her eye, and on copious cold meds)

First, I was a bit unsure of the illustrations, because the story part is in black and white and it kinds melds together in some spots, but that is okay because what it is important is how freaking much I related to the author.  Getting mad at yourself for the story not coming out how you want it to? Yeah I know that feeling. Humor showing up when it’s not supposed to? Again, same.  Deciding halfway through the story that you will write something else? Oh, author…I feel like we’re one and the same.

This is why I love Gaiman so much, he imbues his stories with a truth that is universal. And this time he was telling the truth of an author. I was also particularly happy with the send up of genre versus literature with a capital L. “I’m a classicist,” the author announces. Well..that’s all well and good until you start to be more genre in your writing. And hey, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Then you add to it, the story itself which is dark and spooky, oh and fun. When it came to the illustrations for the story, my most favorite bits were the descriptions. Because I actually love reading the sounds the gloop makes. It reminds me a bit of classic superhero comics, and ain’t no shame in that.  So, all in all, go read the comic. It’s Neil Gaiman so it’s good. It’s dark and gothic, so it’s good. It’s funny and a send up the life of an author, so it’s good.  I promise this isn’t the cold meds talking.


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