Hellboy Winter Special 2017


What can I say about the Hellboy Winter Special 2017? Aside from the fact that I’m about a week late? I can say that it’s a pretty good collection of stories. I can say that I would gladly read an entire comic based on the first short. I can say that it’s weird to see Hellboy without Liz. I can also say, that young Doctor Broom is interesting to see.

There are three stories in this collection, and to be honest, the one I liked the best was the one without Hellboy in it. The first short comic is set in the 1890’s and stars Eddie and Jewell as they encounter a relic that brings about devastating cold. I mean, nearly ice age type cold.  Even though Hellboy isn’t in this story, I love the chemistry with the two characters and the dry wit that is included.

The second story we see Hellboy and Vic fighting evil Santa. Yeah, you read that right, Evil Santa!!  Interrupting the fight is a shadowy figure who helps Dr. Broom and Hellboy with a helpful piece of advice that when put into effect turns evil Santa to just regular Santa impersonator.  This story leads me to believe we might be seeing more of the shadow man in upcoming series perhaps? It’ll be interesting to try and find out who he is.

The third and final story sees Hellboy, Susan and Abe on the hunt for two missing girls. In a wintry New England landscape they find the girls, and a malevolent spirit that is intent on doing harm. And using the woods to accomplish it. Of all three stories this is the one that reaches inside and leaves an impression. The white backdrop and the horror that the two little girls go through, it’s pretty intense and superbly done.

Hellboy Winter Special 2017 came out on Jan 25th and is available now, definitely grab it up!



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