Jim Henson’s Storyteller: Giants 3


 Oh, the art. It’s gorgeous. Light and immersive, I would crawl into this story if I could. I am always pleased to read a Jim Henson’s Storytellers: Giants story and this is no exception. It was a nice bonus to see a story that is straight up girl power, as young Pru takes on the giants to save her brother Spoon.

The story starts on the Emerald Isle as the Fomoire giants have taken over.  A hunter leaves his young, adoring daughter to go and fight, only to be lost to the giants. A sad story that leaves the young Pru to watch over her younger brother Spoon in a unsafe world. Together they grow and survive, with Pru taking her fathers words “family stays together” to heart.  When danger rears it’s head, Pru does her best to protect them. Then, Spoon befriends a Puka and the family of two becomes a family of three.  Though Pru distrusts the Puka, together they end up having to fight to save Spoon, solidifying them as a family. Pru, despite being a strong girl, struggles with trust and hanging on to the past, as well her own strength. I love her.

I can’t say enough good things about this comic. The story is well written, and timely.  Themes of strong girls and family sticking together, as well as trying to keep your head up in a world full of wolves and giants, are never out of place.  Then there is the art.  With a watercolor feel, the illustrations draw you into a beautiful world.  I love how Pru wears a skull helmet. I love how Puka was drawn, flowing black as she changes from creature to creature. I really just all around loved this issue. I somehow managed to miss the last one which makes me sad, but I am so glad I caught this one.


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