Death Race 2050


 OH MY GOD!! Y’all….I love this movie. Death Race 2050, I’m calling it now, best film of the year. You think I’m kidding? I laughed so hard. I looked at my hubs dumbfounded at the amazingness we stumbled upon. I can’t shout it out from the rooftops enough, just how freaking fun this movie is.

Let me set the scene for you- It’s after dinner. Kids are playing. Hubs is surfing Netflix. Nothing is jumping out at him. He finds Death Race 2050. He says “why not?” I agree cause I really enjoyed the Death Race that came out in 2008, with Jason Statham (we’ll come back to this later). So, we settle in. And we get our minds blown.

Now, to be fair, I’ve not seen the original with David Carradine, and I don’t know very much about Roger Cormen (except now he’s my hero) so all I had for reference was the one I mention above.

 Dark, gritty, violent, fantastic. But in no way did it prepare me for what I watched last night. Death Race 2050 is insane. In the best way possible. The gore is humorous. The language is ridiculous. The clothing is just insane. And the sexiness…..I can’t even. I mean the car scene alone is enough to have your sides splitting. It’s so hard to not spoil the whole thing, because really, I want you to go watch this.

Manu Bennett plays Frankenstein and is at times funny, tender, and just bada$$. Plus, he adopts stray dogs. (my hero) He carries this role as he was made for it. You might know him from Shannarah Chronicles, or as a certain pale faced Orc, but from now on, I will say, “hey, you know that guy in Death Race 2050?” Not even kidding, this role has eclipsed all others. He was just amazing. I watched it last night and I already want to watch it again.

My new life goal? Watch the entire Death Race series, cause as well as the original from the 70’s and the one with Jason Statham, there are 2 sequels I never watched, which is a shame cause one has Sean Bean and the other Dougray Scott. So, in all there are 5. Sounds like the perfect weekend, doesn’t it?

Also, let it be noted that one of the racers at one point utters the best line ever, “Saint Dwayne the Rock Johnson.” Yup, the Rock is now a saint, in case you didn’t know.


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