A Crazy Lady’s Adventure in “Granny Hooks a Crook”


Granny Hooks a Crook In Granny Hooks a Crook by Julie Seedorf, Granny, whose family thinks she’s just a silly little old lady, works as an undercover detective to stop shoplifting in her town of Fuschia, Minnesota. Tripping over thieves, spilling her water on people stealing tip money in restaurants, she manages to reveal criminals without blowing her cover as she seems like just your average clumsy old lady. But then a handsome young man seems to pop up out of nowhere, with no one else ever glimpsing him. Then strange things start happening. Her one cat, named Fish, starts bringing home his own pets. Her red corvette keeps disappearing from her garage and appearing throughout the town, and she starts to make errors in arrests. Furthermore, some major crimes take place, pointing to Granny, leading others to consider sending her to the “wrinkle factory,” where she wouldn’t be able to eat meals of chocolate or wear her “sexy grandma” nighty.

Then, Granny meets the nice retired New York detective Franklin Gatsby, who actually owns two of Fish’s new pets, a cat and dog he calls Itsy and Bitsy. Sharing parts of her concerns with Franklin, each does some separate research until they reach a conclusion.

This book was very humorous, but the first two-thirds or so seems very disconnected, without a clear plot. As I reader I found myself wondering if this book was mystery or fantasy and to be honest almost gave it up. I’m glad I didn’t. The conclusion to the book wraps up everything in a fun way, and Granny gets to stay out of the wrinkle factory or prison, where she would look horrible in orange.

Patricia Gallimore does the narration of this book. Her voice suited the character of Granny  and the wild world in which she lives.

If I had stopped reading Granny Hooks a Crook after only the first half, I would give it only one star. But with the creative conclusion that ties everything together, I give it 3 stars. I do intend to try the second book in the series to see if it gets better. The premise was certainly enjoyable!

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