Ether 4


 In this issue, Ether #4, you get Hazel’s story. I knew by her reaction a the end of the last issue that she had one, and that it definitely involved the Ether, but I was not imagining what we got here. I guess I thought maybe she had come from the Ether, that she was  a fairy in disguise or something. But noooo the writers here wanted to take your heart out and throw it on the ground and then stomp on it a few times.

Instead of a long lost fairy princess you get a loving, fun granny with secrets. And then you get a inquisitive child who gets in over her head. Then there’s a little bit of torture.  Lost years. A dead granny. And a child who still doesn’t quite understand what she went through.  It’s heartbreaking. You think it can’t get worse. Until you see how Boone reacts when he finds out. You’d think he’d be reassuring and loving, this is his girlfriend after all, but nooo that gleam in his eye after she spills her guts, is not a happy gleam. It’s more of a how-can-I-use-this-to-help-myself gleam, and at that point I kinda hate Boone a bit.  I mean, he’s not exactly a hero to begin with. He’s a broken man who is obsessed, and though he does help the people of the Ether, he doesn’t do it really for any other reason than to keep helping himself understand the place that he obsesses over.

This issue ends back with Boone in the current time. He’s come back from the Ether chasing that copper golem who is not at all supposed to be in his world. But it is, wrecking havoc at that, so it’s up to Boone to fight it back to where it belongs. So this of course leaves me wondering how going back to Hazel’s confession pushes the story forward. Unless it was just to finish up the thread from the last issue. Either way, I’m invested and can’t wait to find out what happens next.


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