Mycroft Holmes #5


 Mycroft Holmes #5, if I am correct, this is the last issue. Though the way it ended with “The Beginning” might mean there are more to come, which would be fantastic. Seriously, I love these comics. The story is interesting, well thought out, paced well, and brings out all the literary and real life characters we know, but in new and interesting ways.

This issue is a lot of exposition. We get Mycroft and Adler talking about Mycroft’s growing up years with Sherlock, then we get Mycroft explaining just who Kerry is (spoilers) and then at the end we get Mycroft explaining to the Queen how he and Adler stopped the oncoming war.  In between all the telling, we get to see Mycroft kicking butt like a bada$$ and Adler killing the bad guys like she’s the hero of the story (which she might be). It’s just so much fun. I read these comics with a big ol smile on my face, even when things get ridiculous I’m smiling.

I came into this series unsure of whether it would take away from my love of Sherlock and if anything, it just emboldened that love. I want the book that these comics are based off/a part of. I want a marathon of the classic stories, the new show and then these comics as a finisher.  A binge of all things Sherlock and Mycroft. I have this need to compare the Adler’s, the Moriarty’s, and most definitely the Mycroft’s. I’ve always known him to be stuffy and and bland, but then we’re given this incarnation, and it blows everything you thought you knew out of the water. And, I sorta love Adler with Mycroft. They end this issue together, walking away from the Queen who’s just been blackmailed and all I wanted to do was high five the to of them. Is that weird? It is, I know it though..

Either way, I’ll be here, waiting to see if we get more of this awesomeness.


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