Tenth Doctor: Breakfast at Tyranny’s Part 2


 The Tenth Doctor is back in Breakfast at Tyranny’s Part 2, but is he really? His reality is not quite right, and his companions are lost in the mix of what’s real and what’s not.

We come back in this issue to find that Cindy is free from the false reality that has her, Gabby, Noob and The Doctor in the mall from my nightmares. The Mall of Tyranny…it’s an interesting place to be. They tried to sell the Doctor a new Tardis?! The wraiths that were chasing the Doctor at the end of the first issue are back and Cindy finds their evil lair (lol) with the help of a mental connection with Noob.  Together Cindy and Noob try their best to help pull Gabby and The Doctor out of the false reality, which only lands them in more hot water. Back to their full selves and  on the outside and back to reality, the monster that is the wraiths or maybe controls them, is discovered. And it is ugly. I mean, what it does to the Tardis should be considered sacrilegious. Even the Doctor can’t help but comment on the terrible color scheme as he’s running for his life.

As usual, I love the story line, because well, Ten. But also as usual, I have all the questions. Of course there is the why. Why did these creatures attack the Tardis and The Doctor? And how were they only in there a few seconds? The Seeker explains they were only gone fore mere seconds after an attack. So how powerful are these things that they can mess with time as well as energy? And then, who is Boris? Why is he helping The Doctor? Is he real or false? Ugh. All the questions.., hopefully the third issue will answer some of them.


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