MST3K Teams Up With Dark Horse


Dark Horse has announced a new partnership with the cult comedy series Mystery Science Theater 3000, better known as MST3K. This includes a new comic series and a variety of products from Dark Horse.

For those who have been living away from the magical light of MST3k, here is the premise:

Mystery Science Theater 3000 follows the motley crew of a human host and his two robot sidekicks aboard the Satellite of Love. The hapless host, trapped by mad scientists on a satellite in space, is forced to watch some of the most outrageously unfortunate B movies ever created. To keep sane, he’s built two robot sidekicks, and together they do a running commentary on the films, affectionately mocking their flaws with inspired wisecracks and acting as a demented movie theater peanut gallery.

While many fans were quietly watching their old VHS tapes and pirated version of the show, co-creator Joel Hodgson laughed a Kickstarter for a revival to the show. It ended up earning a massive total of $6,364,229 to create new episodes.  Prepare to see some crazy stuff from this partnership.



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