‘SLAM’ is the Roller Derby Comic You Need to Read


With issue four headed to shelves, the roller derby comic SLAM is off to a great start. CanCan and Knockout are the names of two skaters who discovered the sport after life turned out to be a bit less delightful than anticipated. While CanCan could barely stand up in the first few issues, she and Knockout are now preparing for bouts and have been picked by two very different teams. They work to maintain their friendship while dealing with life and the track. If you’re confused about the rules of roller derby or how the game is played, don’t worry; issue #4 gives you a quick breakdown.

Keep in mind, this is not a super innocent comic to give to you children. These are two grown women navigating adult life in Los Angeles and skating their hearts out. SLAM’s characters are realistic and go through some of the very real challenges of skating in roller derby and being an Angelino. One of the most accurate panels features a skater clinging to a wrapped post at “fresh meat” practice indicating she feels she made a mistake. The comic shows the real love/hate relationships skaters have with practice and the occasional primadonnas that take to the track. There’s also the inclusion of the all important Derby Wife, aka the best friend and greatest confidant you meet while skating.

SLAM‘s writer, Pamela Ribon writes so accurately because she actually skates for the L.A. Derby Dolls. She’s lived the crazy life of bouts, practice, and selling tickets. Veronica Fish’s artwork is just plain fun to look at and Britney Peer and Laura Langston give it the colors that really bring the whole comic to life.

SLAM #4 is available February 22nd from BOOM! Comics.


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