Murder with an Antique in “A Deadly Grind”


A Deadly GrindIn A Deadly Grind by Victoria Hamilton, Jaymie Leighton,  goes to an estate auction in her small town and falls in love with an original 1927 Hoosier, a type of cabinet with shelves and storage space used in kitchens before cabinets were built into kitchens. The bidding gets intense, and a fist fight breaks out in the middle, allowing Jaymie to win the lot. That night, hearing a disturbance, Jaymie comes downstairs to discover the body of a strange man next to this Hoosier, bashed to death with the meat grinder that came with the Hoosier.

As the police try to identify this unknown man, Jaymie begins to wonder about the Hoosier. Could it contain a hidden treasure? Further break-ins lead to support of this theory, but Jaymie can’t figure out what this special cabinet holds.

This book has some interesting points to its plot, but it comes across as somewhat unoriginal and convoluted. What makes it interesting is getting to learn about Hoosiers and other vintage cooking details. The hidden secret is also interesting, but I won’t say more about that because I’d give away the surprise! The book contains a lot of musings by the main character about potential suspects and the many possible combinations. That got tiresome and also confusing at times. The conclusion got too complicated for me too.

Emily Woo Zeller performs the narration of the book. Her voice seems suited to the book, gentle but expressive. I would happily listen to more books read by her.

A Deadly Grind introduces some nice touches to a familiar plot, that of someone being killed over a hidden treasure that the owner doesn’t know about. It didn’t particularly impress me, but I did have some enjoyable times listening to it. I give the book three stars.

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