Tank Girl Gold #4


 Ahhh Tank Girl, how I love you. Tank Girl Gold #4 is a sort of primer (see it even says that on the cover) for those who might not know Tank Girl that well.  The story of the stolen gold is still going strong, but after the sports team and the movie, their gold stockpile is way down. Way down. And now Jet Girl and Sub Girl are missing. So it’s up to Yank Girl, Booga and Barney to find them. And how do they do that? Magic freaking mushrooms. Yup. Psychedelic mushrooms are the answer to pretty much anything. Amirite?

In the middle of their journey to World War II, because of course that is where Jet Girl and Sub Girl end up, we get a bit of insight int our favorite insane characters. I don’t know about you, but I certainly wanted to know what Booga’s star sign is (he’s a Zodiac, perfect, right?) and that Barney’s idol is Winnie The Pooh, me too Barney, me too! I really enjoyed these mini profiles, I mean I honestly laughed out loud, I think you will too. Though I think the thing that amuses e the most about this issue is that Booga uses bubblegum cards as a tarot deck. I mean, it makes sense since their world is so screwed up, but for some reason that really tickled me.

Anyway, this issue ends with Tank Girl in the middle of world War II, looking for her lost friends. I hope that in the end all works out, I can’t imagine this world (the Tank Girl world, people) without Sub Girl and Jet Girl. I’m interested to see if this is the end or if they are continuing the story. I thought I had read that it was only a four issue series, but on looking again I can’t find anything, so maybe I took some magic mushrooms and imagined that piece of information. I guess the only way we’ll know for sure, is to wait for the next issue!


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