The Third Doctor #5


This is the fifth in this series, and the last. The Third Doctor #5 brings us the end of the adventure that we’ve been following the past few months.  In this last issue The Third Doctor, The Master, The Brigadier and Jo are all thrown into the past by Salamander. In the end he is of course trying to take over the world, or at least the Earth, or well, maybe just Britain. He finds his way to Parliament and almost has the lords convinced he is there to do good with all his scientific knowledge. But oh no…The Doctor is there to stop his evil plan, but not before The Master trying to trick him again.

Before the Master is able to use the powers he siphoned from Salamander The Doctor is able to stop him. But while The Doctor is trying to decide what will be done with him, The Master dives into the Thames and is gone.  Escaped again! Salamander does get captured though, and put in jail. As he is only human, even if he is a human with a fair bit of alien tech at his disposal. This is shown when at the end he makes a portal and walks right out of his jail cell.

The most important part of this last issue is, The Third Doctor taking offense at being labeled a British citizen. As he says, he is a citizen of the universe and it’s time he started acting like it. This story ends with him planning on going back on his adventures. Using the Tardis to travel through all of space and time, not just hanging out in Cardiff 😉 As usual, Jo is all gung ho about going with him, despite the budding romance with the soldier who keeps getting interrupted.  I’m sad to see this series end, but hope that there are more Third Doctor adventures coming soon!


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