Power of the Dark Crystal #1


 Okay, okay…deep breathes..I can do this without fangirling all over the place…people, The Dark Crystal is back!!! In comic form! How freaking perfect is that? It’s totally perfect let me tell you! Murmurs of a remake or a sequel to the very beloved Dark Crystal have been around for ages, but it’s here. Finally! And In what looks to be, if this first issue is any sampling, a fantastic new story.

The Power of the Dark Crystal #1 is a beautiful opening to a new fantastical story that brings back some of our most favorite characters.  Jen And Kira are here, but so is Aughra who is like, my favorite scary lady ever. I mean, she did give me nightmares when I was a kid, but not any more than the Skeksis did, so I guess it’s all relative. Also, not gonna lie, I kinda wanted to be her when I grew up, she just seemed cool. Hermit with magical powers who gets to live in a cave with some cool stuff?? My 8 year old self was all, “yes please!” But, moving on..

In this first issue of 12, we meet a Fireling named Thurma, who is so beautifully drawn. Just lovely. Her race is dying and she needs help. Her version of help seems to not be a helpful thing for the Gelfling. Break the crystal? Shatter it? After how the world went dark the last time it was broken? I can’t see that being a good thing, and I’d hazard a guess that his Eminence, the Gelfling that guards the crystal and accepts the “offerings” (see, taxes) for the local creatures to come and be doused in the crystal’s healing light, isn’t going to be quite happy either.  From the way I read this story, it seems that in the hundred years since the crystal was healed, bureaucracy has taken over. It’s a pretty recognizable sight really, those in power seem to be easily corrupted.

But luckily for Thurma, something has woken Jen and Kira, and she is able to set her plea before them. Now, I don’t know what they will do, but I am beyond looking forward to it. I loved this comic so much. Really any trip into a Jim Henson world makes me a happy nerd.

The Power of the Dark Crystal #1 released on Fe 22, 2017 and is available widely.


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