Rin Chupeco’s ‘The Bone Witch’


cover90036-mediumTea is happy living with her family in a small village. After she accidentally resurrects her beloved brother Fox from the dead at his funeral, she discovers she is a Bone Witch. This title means that she is connected to the art of necromancy in a society where that talent is both feared and admired. The title will make her ostracized to the locals, her ability to put down horrific creatures that attack towns and citizens means she is highly sought after by those in power. She is taken in by an elder Bone Witch who graciously takes both Tea and her resurrected brother to a larger city to be trained in the arts. What follows is a lyrically beautiful tale that is both tragic and fascinating.

Rin Chupeco’s storytelling skills makes The Bone Witch deliciously easy to fall into. One minute you’re in your living room, and the next you’re transported to the world of pomp and circumstance associated with her new position in society. As a Bone Witch, she must wear gorgeous wrapped clothes imbued with magic called Huas, as well as hair pins also associated with magic. Her world is one where political figures can try to sabotage or injure those who have talents with magic. Her training is not unlike that described in books like Memoirs of a Geisha. She is highly trained in dancing, music, and culture, and her innate skills allow her to stop dark creatures and resurrect the dead. The characters are rich and fun to read. Each new character becomes someone I could picture in a film or mini-series.

The Bone Witch is the type of fantasy novel I’d love to see more of. The plot is well developed. The characters are fascinating, even if you hate some of them. The writing is exquisite. I highly recommend this as your next read.

The Bone Witch is available March of 2017.


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