A CIA Assassin Teams with the Geritol Mafia in “Swamp Team 3”


Swamp Team 3An arsonist is loose in Sinful, Louisiana, causing Swamp Team 3 to mobilize in order catch the criminal.  In Jana DeLeon’s fourth novel in the Miss Fortune series, Fortune is just starting out on her highly anticipated “not-a-date” with Deputy Carter when he gets summoned back to town because of a house fire. Allie, Fortune’s only female friend her age, is left temporarily homeless by a deliberately-set fire. This gives Fortune the opportunity to host Allie in order to protect her from the arsonist and a creeper who has been coming around, whether he be the arsonist or someone else.

As usual, the trio of Fortune, Ida Belle and Gertie gets into all sorts of wild adventures, often facing Carter’s ire for being civilians getting into professional law enforcement territory. A visit to Allie’s house leads to an encounter with her neighbor’s pet bobcat, “Shorty.” Fortune also makes a foray to the sordid Swamp Bar dressed as a hooker to get information, where she gets stuck in a wet t-shirt contest and wins the title of “Best Boobs,” finally racing away on Ida Belle’s motorcycle with Allie’s neighbor, Floyd, chasing them full of death threats. When Floyd, a man with a pet attack bobcat, ends up dead in Allie’s yard, with the heel of Fortune’s shoe left at the Swamp Bar used as a weapon, Carter has a difficult decision how to keep Fortune out of the case.

This book is another delightful addition to the Miss Fortune series that made me laugh out loud while listening to it while also enjoying a terrific mystery plot. I appreciated the irony of the fact that Floyd dies with the heel of Fortune’s shoe, considering that it was killing someone with another shoe that got Fortune sent to Sinful in the first place. I also liked the way that life in Sinful and making friends forces Fortune to begin to look into her own life and begin to wonder if it has the significance that she has assumed. She learns about true friendship, not just with Ida Belle and Gertie but also Allie and Carter. A further addition to the book is the most erotic kiss I’ve ever read, much more exciting and satisfying than any sex scene I’ve come across!

The book is especially fun to listen to on audio. Cassandra Campbell does a good job of performing this, and she seems very believable as Fortune, the narrator of the series.

I thoroughly loved listening to Swamp Team 3. Even though I have already listened to this book several times since I discovered the series a year ago, I have come nowhere close to tiring of Fortune’s adventures! Though I have plenty of new books on my list to read, when I’m low, it’s books like those in the Miss Fortune series that I turn to for both comfort and cheer. I give the book five stars!

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