Brave Chef Brianna is a Monstrous Buffet of Cooking Delight


Brianna’s father owns one of the biggest cooking empires in the world. Just out of cooking school, Brianna is excited to try out her skills. That is, until her dad notifies her that he only has a short time to live and will decide who inherits his empire after a bit of a restaurant competition. Each of his many children must open a restaurant, and whoever does the best inherits it all. With almost no money, and only her cooking school experience, Brianna finds a rental space in Monster City. It’s only after she opens her shop, with the help of a winged creature, that she discovers her recipes violate every food law in Monster City. After all, Monsters don’t want cooked meat and human sugar, or do they?

Brave Chef Brianna is a bright and colorful comic that gives us cuisine and creepy characters. The comic is written and created by Sam Sykes with illustrations by Selina Espiritu and coloration by Sarah Stern. The comic is great fun to read and the illustrations and color keep things bright.

Brave Chef Brianna #1 of 4 is now available from KaBOOM!.


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