America’s Favorite Recluse Gets a Life in ‘The Slanted Life of Emily Dickinson’


The poet Emily Dickinson is possibly one of the most written about writers of all time, but with varying degrees of success. Noted for her reclusive behavior and outfit choices, Dickinson is usually viewed through the eyes of the time period in which she is being written about. Playing on that, artist Rosanna Bruno has taken the legend and made it her own. In the new book The Slanted Life of Emily Dickinson, the poet gets a Facebook page, OK Cupid Profile, and even gets her spotlight on Top Chef.

The Slanted Life of Emily Dickinson is a great book for devoted fans of Dickinson who want a laugh, and a great starting place for folks who may not be too familiar with her works. I will caution, however, that not everything in this book is factual nor intended to be so. Rosanna Bruno keeps it short, sweet, and utterly hilarious.

Writing about a reclusive person, or even illustrating their life, is no easy task. Bruno takes it to task and the results are well worth a read and a reread.

The Slanted Life of Emily Dickinson is now available from Andrews McMeel Publishing.


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