Margaret Lesh’s ‘My Friends Are All Strange’


Imagine you’re an overachieving, highly-intelligent teenager, and you’ve just had a complete freak out in your school cafeteria. With what appears to be a schizophrenic episode involving a wizard named Todd and the ripping off of her own top, a young teenager girl suddenly finds herself inside a psychiatric hospital. Initially concerned for her future, she slowly comes to terms with her situation and meets a series of fascinating friends. There’s Kat, a young teenager frozen in perpetual Hello Kitty- obsession due to a memory disorder. There’s a teenage boy that has severe anger issues and lashes out. There are people who come and go, and therapists that help her work through her frustrations.

My Friends Are All Strange is a fast read, but occassionally heartbreaking. The main character has a very loving and supportive boyfriend who sticks with her through the whole story, even visiting after she has tried to break up with him. Kat’s story involves the loss of her parents at an early age, and the fact that she relives the memory almost constantly when not talking about leaving the hospital. The novel does end on an uplifting note, but even so, not everyone who enters the psychiatric facility is going to go home and have a normal life with their family.

Margaret Lesh’s My Friends Are All Strange is now available from Amazon.


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