Unboxed: Build the March 2017 LootCrate


March 2017 LootCrateI live-Tweeted opening the crate (#FGNLC), but it’s about time I wrote the longer article I promised. This was a fun crate; there were no big ticket, astonishing items, but each of the items included was of good quality and had something unusual to offer.

Let’s start with that, then. The shirt is a dark blue made out of the thicker T-shirt cloth that will last a while. It’s printed with a Megazord diagram with all the parts laid out against a grid and neatly labeled in Japanese. The pattern is clean and easy to see, and as it uses no large printed chunks should last a while. It is the Japanese that tips this from “good” to “great” in the T-shirt department.

Batman Food Container

You’d be grumpy too if people were always taking the top of your head off.

Then there is a grumpy Batman head food container. The top bit of the cowl twists off to reveal a bowl into which one may put soup or fruit salad or any other edible one wishes to transport and keep at more or less the same temperature. I won’t be keeping this, though. For some reason my parrotlet hates it. Also, I know too many children who will like it (Yes, grown-ups will like it as well, but the kids are cuter).

The LEGO Movie Billy & his shopThe next item is a Lego Dimensions toy from The Lego Movie. I got Benny and his spaceship, all in pieces and ready to be assembled. Other options for Loot Crate subscribers are Wonder Woman, Cybork, Unikitty, and Bad Cop with their vehicles. This is another item I’m pretty sure will be handed over to some child or another of my acquaintance; Legos have many eager claimants in this world.

I might be allowed to keep the Tetris magnet sheet, though. These colorful magnets fit together in exactly the perfect fit gamers try hours to achieve. Each one should be able to support a small note or picture–or they could just be decorative on the fridge. Either way, they’re cheerful.
Tetris Magnets

The Lootpin is a Power Rangers Megazoid, all assembled and ready to fight. It will open a Power Ranger comic on comixology.

Power Rangers LootPin

You might almost think there was a Power Rangers movie coming out soon or something

And that’s all, folks! Some fun items in here.

FTC Disclosure: I received the March 2017 LootCrate in return for an honest review

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