Jim Henson’s Storyteller: Giants #4


 I am sad knowing that this is the last of four. I’ve been really enjoying Jim Henson’s Storytellers: Giants stories. They’ve all been beautifully illustrated and written smartly.  They’re classic fairy tales, with a lesson woven through the stories, though if you don’t want to pick up on that, then you really can just enjoy the comics.

This last issue was a story of point of view, and remembering to listen to both side before making a judgement.  We meet a sad fisherman who is hungry and despondent. Until he finally catches a fish. Well, a special fish that is. A fish with a sad tale of it’s own.  So the fisherman thinking he is doing the right thing, offers to help the fish. Only it’s not that easy. It never is. There’s two sides to every story and the fisherman learns that the wrong way after he meets the king, though in the end I’m not sure it mattered.  For me, the important part of this story is the end, which is happy in a way.  I’m trying so hard not to give it away..okay I’ll talk about the illustrations. Also, I love stone warriors. Always have and always will. For some reason, they just make a story for me.

I love how the illustrator chose to make the whole issue resemble wood carving. I mean, I’m not sure if that was what the author Feifei Ruan, or the spot illustrator Sonny Lieu was going for, but that is absolutely how it looked to me. That mixed with the Asian sensibilities and style, were really gorgeous.  I hope that this sin’t a one time thing, a single run of four issues. I’d love to continue to read and review these for our audience (and not gonna lie, my pleasure).



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