Torchwood 2


Ahhh Torchwood…how you confuse me. I keep going simply cause I love Jack, but holy crow are these story lines confusing.  I think for me, the problem is, there are so many moving parts in this comic and not one of them seems to be moving forward.  Jack is still being himself, all crazy and brave and silly, but he’s surrounded by folks who are full of their own agendas. I feel like if these people actually talked to each other instead of jumping from one crazy situation to another, then they might be able to actually solve something.

High points in this issue? Mention of a Tardis. I know it’s not the Doctor, but it’s still cool and Captain John Hart who looks so much like Spike from Buffy that I’m happy every time his face is in a panel.

Low points in this issue? I still have no clue who is the bad guy, what their motivation is, who is flying the Tardis, and why is there two Rona’s? Ugh. I’m going to keep pushing through though, because, well, Captain Jack makes it worth it. I’m hoping that Torchwood will eventually give me all its secrets and I will grow to love this style of comic (doubt it) where each scene is started with a descriptor of where it takes place. Cause though some of them are funny, ie: “So far down even Jules Verne would freak” they don’t help at all.


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