Introducing FanFit Gaming


Well this is exciting. A few short days ago we at FangirlNation were approached to help support a new company that is all about gaming swag, made by gamers.  With a few great pictures and a ready made press release, we were totally down to help out a guy who seems an awful like us. That is, of course to mean, geeky, nerdy, oh and awesome.

You can read the words from the companies founder, Rob Greene, yourself.

“We celebrate the best of gaming design and aesthetic through our exclusive line of unique apparel, merchandise, and our signature neon lights,” said Rob Green, owner of FanFit Gaming.

Each piece of merchandise celebrates a character or iconic image from games.

“We strive to capture the love for some of our favorite gaming moments and experiences through our products,” Green said.
FanFit Gaming opened Febuary 1st, 2017 – but has already been hitting the spotlight including mentions in VentureBeat.

There are currently 9 Neonlights available, focusing on Overwatch, with 10 original felt penannts.  FanFit also carries other fun accessories.  They plan on coming out with a gaming-themed apparel line in early September to let your geek flag fly.

This is all to say that FanFit has a modest selection of merchandise designed in-house by gamers with a good selection of third-party products, which comes together for a great gaming shopping experience.  


These are just two samples of the fantastic neon lights that FanFit Gaming is making, and I for one am sold. I’d be even more sold if a certain chimney from a certain Nintendo property was made, but hey, that’s just me.

If you are interested, you can find company founder Rob Greene at the FanFit website  as well as on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


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