Dark Horse to Release Penny Dreadful Style Comic, ‘The Strange Case of the Disappearing Man’


If you love Victorian style horror, Dark Horse has a new comic to spark your penny dreadful love. The comic press is releasing The Strange Case of the Disappearing Man, a follow-up to the 2011 cult classic The Strange Case of Mr. Hyde. This new mini series brings readers more from writer Cole Haddon and artist Sebastian Cabrol.

Here’s the synopsis:

The Strange Case of the Disappearing Man finds Inspector Thomas Adye of Scotland Yard struggling to return to normalcy after his run-in with Edward Hyde and Jack the Ripper. Adye’s attempts at normalcy evaporate when he’s confronted with the bizarre case of a disappearing man.

During his investigation into the disappearing man, Adye is drawn to an American gentleman on a quest to experience life in new and vibrant ways. Seduced by the man’s philosophies, Adye starts down an uncertain path that may put him in more danger than he’s ever imagined.

We will have to wait just a short while longer, as the first of issue of six comes to comic book stores June 21, 2017.



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