‘The Wedding Plan’ Sounds Like My Worst Nightmare


As someone who is currently planning her wedding, I will admit that the premise behind this one left me with a few moments of panic.

In the new film, The Wedding Plan, Michal is an Orthodox Jewish Woman planning her dream wedding. She is 32 and excited about the security and comfort around the idea of marriage. Unfortunately, her fiance is not as comfortable with it and calls off the wedding with only a month to go. Convinced that she can find her dream groom in 30 days, Michal decides to go ahead with her wedding plans believing she will find Mr. Right by the chosen date. She books a venue, sends out the invites, and even buys her wedding dress while her skeptical family looks on.

The Wedding Plan is from American-Israeli writer and director Rama Burshtein. There is not a release date as of yet. I’ll be hyperventilating over my DIY projects now.



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