The ‘American Gods’ Comic Sticks Close to Its Roots


For those who have never read Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, I’m going to give a gentle parental warning. This is not a comic book for your children or sensitive readers. There is pretty graphic sexual content and language.

Shadow Moon has done his time in prison. About to be released, he’s prepared to go home to his wife and start working for his best friend. He receives word he’s being released early, as his wife is dead. On the plane he is seated next to an older man with a scar over his eye. It starts a partnership that will change his life.

American Gods #1 is so far a faithful adaptation. That also means that a rather graphic sexual scene involving the goddess Bilquis scene does make it into the comic. Be prepared for some pretty interesting visualizations of the female body and worship of this very sexual goddess. Issue #1 does end rather abruptly, but I feel that may be more that the series is designed more to fit in a full graphic novel format. The artwork is visually stunning and works well with Gaiman’s style of storytelling.

American Gods #1 is now available from Dark Horse Press. The televisionshow premieres April 30 on Showtime.


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