Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor – Sharper Than A Serpent’s Tooth


Sharper Than a Serpent’s Tooth is a long title.A really long title that could have been summed up with, continued from the last arc. This issue really does pick up right where the last one (Tyranny) left off. Cindy was been abducted by the alien dressed up as a red tardis (tacky color choice, really) and The Doctor, Gabby and Noob are after them.  That’s all normal, but where this particular issue gets fun is the style.  After a ram with the red tardis, The Doctor ends up landing in ancient China. And then the story begins to be told by an old man. An old man who may or may not have had a run in with the Doctor before. It’s all so mysterious.

With all three of our main folks dressed culturally appropriately, they begin their journey. As told by the old man to his young son. In the style of an awesome swords and sorcery movie. There are monsters based off the elements. There is a flood. There is a villain who basically enslaves an entire community.  There is even a bit of meta going on when The Doctor finds some early comic books that the old man is making to tell his stories. (wink nod wink, right here) It’s a really fun issue. We still have a lot of unanswered questions, but if this is anything like the last arc, we won’t until much closer to the end.

I could just gush though, over the art and the style. The colors they chose. The different fonts for the different speakers. Heck, the fact that the Doctor isn’t wearing a suit! I mean, this is Ten. He lives in suits. But oh no..not in ancient China. Then he wears what they wear. I love it! Cannot wait to see what happens next. At the very end Gabby found Cindy, but Cindy wasn’t normal. That alone is going to be fun. So stay tuned, as I do, to see what comes next!


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