‘A Murder of Crows’ is Unsettling in the Best Ways Possible


Do you have a fairly sick sense of humor? Have you ever chuckled at the thought of “a murder of crows” and then pictured something far more sinister? In Christie Shinn’s new collection, A Murder of Crows: And Other Horrible Things to See, readers get a chance to flip through pages of unsettling images that resonate in somewhat uncomfortable ways.

Shinn is best known for her collection Personal Monsters, one of my favorite books. In A Murder of Crows images of eyes, bizarre creatures, monsters, and a wounded wolf cover the pages. Razor blade, monsters, and our worst fears of inadequacy all play a role in Shinn’s world. My favorite image is that of a woman with a dead canary just below her heart. A Murder of Crows is not a simple collection of images that are simply pleasing to the eye; her work explores the darkest parts of being a human being and helps to pull us out on the other side.

A Murder of Crows: And Other Horrible Things to See is now available.

You can get your copy from CreateSpaceAmazon, or on Kindle.


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