Con Nichiwa – Bringing J-Culture to Tucson, AZ


Arizona is finding the best of ways to keep their citizens entertained while remaining indoors (I know the world says spring JUST started but it’s in the nineties in Arizona already…deserts). This weekend the Tucson Convention Center will be flocked by Lolitas, Sakizou cosplayers, J-Pop masters and a plethora of anime hungry fans. Why? Well, it’s Con Nichiwa, that’s why!

I haven’t had the privilege of attending this convention so when I received the all clear from it’s owner to visit I was SUPER excited to visit a new city and a new convention. Con Nichiwa is a play on the Japanese word for hello (konnichiwa). Run by Monkey Paw Entertainment, this event promises to be the elite anime convention in the western most portion of Arizona. It starts on Friday, March 24th and runs through Sunday, March 26th. So who is attending Con Nichiwa? Check out this guest list!

  • Chii Sakurabi – Chii is a J-Pop singer and recording artist who hails from Tokyo, Japan and is well known for her fantastic “electro-pop” style.
  • Vic Mignona – It’s not an anime convention without this infamous voice actor! Vic has voiced characters from titles such as: Macross, Space Dandy, Yuri on Ice and RWBY!
  • Fabricator Djinn – Known for his impressive armor fabrications and large costumes, this cosplayer enjoys the little things and is a definite crowd pleaser!

Alright, so they have some GREAT guests but what can YOU do at the convention? Well you could attend the…

Whatever you choose to experience at this event just be sure to have fun and taken in the J-Culture you’ll be surrounded by!

For information on tickets please visit:

Con Nichiwa
Tucson Convention Center, 260 S Church Ave,Tucson,Arizona-85701
Starting on
March 24, 2017
Ending on
March 26, 2017
Con-Nichiwa, is an American anime convention held in Tucson, Arizona and organized by Monkey Paw Entertainment. The convention is traditionally held on the last full weekend of March and lasts for 3 days (Fri-Sun). It is currently hosted at the Tucson Convention Center in Tucson, Arizona. Con-Nichiwa is the largest anime convention in Tucson Arizona with attendance reaching 2,232 for the 2015 event.
Offer Price
USD 45.00

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