Dust Bunny is an Imaginative Noir Graphic Novel


In Basement City, the life of grime is how the creatures like it. Cleaning products are banned, water is limited, and the creatures of Basement City fear situations where they are burned or swept away. Mops run underground crime syndicates for creatures who want to get their hands on bleach. After Dust Bunny loses his mentor, Professor Chip Hoffmazor II.O, in what appears to be a horrific accident, he turns the police investigation personal. The crime appears to go all the way to the top of the basement, to Aiden Flint, a literal Matchstick in charge of one of the biggest projects Basement City has ever seen. The world between is filled with twists, turns, toilet comedians (as in a literal toilet), cockroach assassins, and a wealth of dirt and grime. This is Basement City.

Before you rush out and buy this comic for your kids, keep in mind there is a great deal of adult content and the design is way more for older readers. Reading the series is like watching an old Film Noir, complete with beautiful women of questionable morals, murders-a-plently, and even a black and white color scheme. In short, I loved every minute of this book and found myself delighted to go through it with gusto.

Basement City is a little hard to find out on shelves, so I put together some links for you to find it. The comic is created and illustrated by Brett Brooks. A copy of the collected graphic novel can be purchased here: https://squareup.com/store/basementcityproductions.  You can visit Brett Brooks website as well to check out some of his other collections: http://www.brettbrooks.com/dust-bunny.html


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