Strange Creatures: A Fantasy Coloring book


 Well, here I am again, reviewing a coloring book. My life is so hard…*giggles*

Alrighty, Strange Creatures: A Fantasy Coloring Book was brought to my attention by a fellow writer and comic artist, Dani Smith. She was looking for reviewers and I jumped because, well, coloring, duh! This coloring book was drawn by the superbly talented Alex Julian, who you can visit here at his artist page.

This book is full of fantastical beasts of all kinds and is a blast to play with. Straight away you get this guy, a hulking Lovecraftian-esque dude, who is clearly a fan of the moon.

 Now I’m not finished with him yet, but I will be soon. I’m a big fan of the the “this book belongs to” line and couldn’t help but be a bit silly.

Now, I don’t want to give away too many of the pictures inside, I want you to go out and get yourself a copy and find out all about the awesomeness yourself. I will however, offer the one picture I did finish coloring. I couldn’t help myself. I love a pirate ship. even one that is about to be swallowed whole by a winged sea demon. Or Bob, as I named him.

 Bob is pretty cool, amirite? yes, I do believe I am. Well, there you go. I have found a super cool fantasy creature coloring book, for all the fantasy nerds out there like me. If you are into demons, and evil looking mermaids, then this is probably a great way to spend your time. Coloring is very calming, and coloring fantasy creatures is just plain awesome.

Strange Creatures: A Fantasy Coloring Book is available now on Amazon


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