A Goddess Among Us–The Wonder Woman Trailers


Wonder Woman with Shield FeaturedWhen I was a kid, my mom and I used to watch Wonder Woman’s live action TV show starring Lynda Carter, and I used to watch Wonder Woman on the Justice League cartoons. So when I heard about the upcoming movie about this superheroine, I got excited to see her come to the big screen, but with a very different and possibly rougher tone than the two television shows.

We learn from the origin trailer that this movie tells Diana’s back story, before she gets integrated into mixed society. It thus features her life as an Amazonian princess and the time before Wonder Woman becomes her secret identity or alter ego. Based on the Comic Con trailer, Wonder Woman serves as the representative of feminism and equality, unindoctrinated by societal norms. For instance, when hearing the explanation of what a secretary is, she reacts by stating that where she comes from, they call that a slave. She disregards gender expectations because she maintains the same beliefs and standards for all, the way she was raised. We see this when the male protagonist tells her he can’t let her do something, and she responds with, “What I do is not up to you.” She fights for justice, independence, and protecting what and who is in need and worthy of her cause, as evidenced by her leaving her home with the Amazons to go to London to fight in “the war to end all wars.” There is something raw about her in these trailers, and the armor complements it well with her stature as a god among men. She so naturally wields her weapons and uses her shield, and is very much in her element as she carries herself through battle after battle in these fight scenes, with death and destruction all around.

I can’t wait for the movie to come out this June! I hope it lives up to this refreshing standard. Regardless, well done, DC, for bringing Wonder Woman to life on the big screen. It’s about time that we women are represented, and not a moment too soon.

ComicCon Trailer

Origin Trailer:

A Goddess Among Us--The Wonder Woman Trailers
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A Goddess Among Us--The Wonder Woman Trailers
The trailers promise a Wonder Woman who serves as the representative of feminism and equality, unindoctrinated by societal norms.
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