Con Nichiwa 2017 Overview


This past weekend Con Nichiwa celebrated it’s seventh year with style by hosting incredible guests, incredible musicians and amazing vendors in a modest portion of the Tucson Convention Center in Tucson, Arizona. Here is a quick overview of our experience at this event…


SO SIMPLE! You enter the con, give your name, get a badge and move along. If you do not have a badge the process is still fairly easy and the staff are very helpful.


Con Nichiwa ran Friday, March 24th through Sunday, March 26th and each day had a variety of panels to keep attendees busy. Most programming started at 11 AM and would run well into the evening. There were categories covering: Anime, Music, Guests, Cosplay and J-Culture. Overall programming was definitely a plus for this event. The only downside? Many of the panels were quite a distance from the main convention hall and some were even hosted in the open which did cause trouble for presenters attempting to ensnare an audience that was distracted by new people entering the convention’s main doors.

Exhibitor Hall

This was a ballroom converted into a very neat and orderly vendor space. There were vendors selling art, cosplay, costumes, clothing, props, Japanese snacks, sewing supplies, plushies and all other manner of merchandise. I really enjoyed the variety that such a small space was able to boast. The convention also did a fantastic job with crowd control by ensuring the aisles were wide enough for people to stand by booths and still let others pass by. My only complaint about this room is that it simply was not large enough. I would have loved to see more but what I did see what terrific!


I am a bit of an early riser so I arrived pretty early to convention each day. This allowed me to capture images of fresh faced and excited cosplayers attending Con Nichiwa of which there were many! The event hosted a masquerade on Saturday evening so a cosplay desk was at the ready for arriving costumers and there were plenty of panels for costume curious members to entertain themselves with. Here are just a few of the cosplayers we captured images of at the Con Nichiwa…


This event was small, modest but packs a punch! For someone looking to experience their first anime convention this is DEFINITELY a great place to start. You avoid the crowds while still getting to meet incredibly guests, witness lovely cosplayers and interact with some of the wittiest anime nerds in Arizona! Because we MUST share our experience with you further here is a video that we hope secures your interest in Con-Nichiwa!

Con Nichiwa
Tucson Convention Center,
Starting on
March 24, 2017
Ending on
March 26, 2017
Anime Convention
Offer Price
USD 45.00

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