Batgirl: Beyond Burnside Vol #1 (Rebirth)


Barbara Gordon has temporarily left her beloved Burnside, the hipster-esque area of Gotham, for the Far East. She has gone on a trip to train with some of the best fighters of Asia, including an older woman known for being a pretty amazing superhero in her younger days.  Babs runs into an old friend when traveling, and soon realizes that his life is extreme danger from a group of lethal warriors known as “The Students.” To save her friend, Barbara Gordon must uncover where the threat is coming from and identify their “Teacher.” Oh, and there’s the little matter of hiding her secret Batgirl identity from her friend while she does all of this.

Batgirl: Beyond Burnside Vol #1 travels all over Asia, including Okinawa, Seoul, Shanghai, and Singapore. Barbara learns new fighting techniques, cultures, and meets famous local heroes, including a few who help her with some bad guys. What begins as a trip to find herself becomes a trip to discover who could be attacking one of her best guy friends. What I love about this version of Barbara Gordon is that once she realizes what’s actually happening, she wises up quickly. She makes some poor choices, and even gets knocked out during a fighting match, but she gets back up, keeps going and isn’t afraid to change her mind.

Batgirl: Beyond Burnside Vol #1 is available now from DC Comics.


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