Mondo Art Gallery and Cyclops Print Works Celebrate Disney in New Art Show

Never Grow Up: A Disney Art Show is coming to the Mondo Gallery in Austin, Texas. The show will start with two events, both free and open to the publiv. The opening night reception is Friday, April 28 from 3:00-10:00pm, followed by the Mondo Clubhouse Kids Party Saturday April 29, from 10:00am to noon. The second party will feature Disney-inspired treats, face painting, a photobooth and more.
The show runs through May 13th.
“On our list of dream opportunities, hosting another Disney gallery show was always near the top,” said Mondo Co-Founder and Creative Director Mitch Putnam. “Luckily, Cyclops came through and granted our wish. This time around, we’ve got some new artists in the mix, some new titles, and overall, just a different vibe from the first show. We can’t wait for you to see what we’ve put together. It’s pretty special.”
 One of the artists chimed in:

“Watching a Disney movie together with my kids is amazing, but making artwork for one of their favorite films takes it to the next level,” said artist Ken Taylor. “BIG HERO 6 is my eldest daughters favorite, and I love so much about this film. The story is super fun but its the city that gets me in – the opportunity to draw San Fransokyo has been a blast and one of the best film poster experiences i have had. Hopefully folks dig it as much as I do.”

Here is a look at the artist lineup.
Artist Lineup
Martin Ansin
Marc Aspinall
Oliver Barrett
Florian Bertmer
Jonathan Burton
Becky Cloonan
Nicolas Delort
Craig Drake
Joe Dunn
Laurent Durieux
Mark Englert
James Flames
Brandon Holt
Josh Holtsclaw
Rich Kelly
Dan McCarthy
César Moreno
Randy Ortiz
Dave Perillo
Phantom City Creative
Paul Pope
JC Richard
Jessica Seamans
Benson Shum
Stan & Vince
Matt Taylor
Ken Taylor
Rosemary Valero-O’Connell
Tom Whalen
Teagan White
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